Quickfire – Casino Game Provider

Quickfire is an exciting new product from Microgaming. The primary idea was to improve the browser-based play of their internet casinos. Afterward, the platform evolved into a premier instant play platform to play a variety of different games. Within Quickfire, players are able to access a range of different casino games such as table games, slots, and video poker. There are over 400 casino games available in over 100 online casinos. Their casinos are coupled with mouthwatering bonuses and progressive jackpots which enable you to win big. As a result, Quickfire has rapidly become very popular on a global scale.

Company History

Microgaming developed Quickfire in 2010. The main idea revolved around the speed of gaming and through this platform, Microgaming aimed to increase their speed. Through Quickfire, players enjoy the best from Microgaming. The platform can also be offered as a standalone solution. All you need is to visit their site and get a variety of games which can be downloaded and launched at the click of the button. Quickfire is available to run on different platforms. It is simple to understand and has a beautiful interface. The games from those platforms offer the highest return to players and thus are enjoyed by many players.

Casino Games

The best and most popular casino games are organised and uploaded on the Quickfire platform. All the games come with an excellent user interface, unique themes and matching sound effects. The games are updated almost every week so that players have something new to expect. The best thing about games here are that they are aimed to assist the players in getting the best from experience. Most of the casino games include slot machines, live casinos, poker, and table games. They also have a sportsbook. The software is also used at a wide range of bookmakers and online casino, making it highly accessible.

Mobile Casino Games

For the lovers of mobile gaming, Quickfire has good news for you. They have different mobile casinos have a lot of fantastic features and innovations. Those games can run in different mobile operating systems. Those games are developed with HTML 5 language thus are light and fast. The most important part is the fact that you can play them directly from the browser without the need to download. Mobile casinos come with attractive features such as hefty bonuses and low wagering requirements. The games are audited to make sure they are working in accordance with fair gaming laws, protecting both casino and player.

Quickfire Review

Since its inception in 2010, the platform has gained massive success with millions of players, and casinos, worldwide. Their games are constantly touted as favourites since they are thoroughly tested before they are released to the market. Up to this date, there are over 400 different casinos offering games such as slots, poker, bingo, sportsbook and also mobile options. The success of Quickfire is, in part, owed to the excellent reputation of Microgaming. If you are a gambler looking for excellent online experience (such as high odds games, high RTP and progressive jackpots), you should consider the Quickfire gaming solution.