Novomatic – Casino Game Provider

Novomatic has been around for a very long time. The company currently has around 30, 000 staff working and contributing to its success. Although the company’s success can be attributed to the number of years it has spent in the gaming business, we cannot deny the fact that its ethos is amazing. The company took the years of experience they gathered in land-based casino administration and applied it in the mobile gaming world, resulting in an explosion of success. The company’s valuation as of 2017 was around 2.5 billion euros. The company currently has subsidiaries in 50 countries.

Company History

Novomatic was established in 1980 by a billionaire businessman, Johann F. Graf, as NOVOMATIC Automatenhandels GmbH. A year later, it expanded into four other countries in Europe starting from Germany. In 1991, it facilitated the largest casino in Prague, Czech Republic in partnership with the city of Prague. In 2001, it got a license to sell, supply and maintain gaming products in Great Britain. In 2004, Novomatic took over ASTRA GAMES Ltd. in the UK. In 2011, Novomatic launched the Responsible Gaming Staff Training Programme (RGSTP). And in 2018, Novomatic added to the list of acquired companies Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd., in Australia.

Casino Games

Novomatic casino games are designed with state of the art technology. The company is always investing in new technology to improve the user experience. Its games are a mix of a medieval and twenty-first-century theme. Its slots run on Coldfire Processor developed by Motorola which is good for the multifunction features it has. All its games, such as slots, jackpots, and table games, are developed using HTML5. Novomatic offers amazing bonus features in the game, with its users enjoying many promotions and cash back reward program. Novomatic games have a return to player (RTP) of around 96%. You can play Novomatic games in almost any casino in the world.

Mobile Casino Games

With decades of experience in running land-based casinos, Novomatic made a move into the mobile gaming world and established credibility with high-quality mobile versions of its games having beautiful graphics and awesome effects. Its games can run on mobile devices with Windows, iOS, and Android. These mobile games have the same features and experience as their online and land-based casino counterpart, and the only difference is the positioning of the features. The features are smartly placed in sidebars for easy access. With the mobile version, players can easily enjoy Novomatic games anywhere in the world. Novomatic games do not lag, upping its playability factor.

Novomatic Review

Novomatic has been in the gaming world for over three decades and currently boost of over 30,000 employees. Novomatic has acquired different gaming companies over the years, which has influenced the brand of the company as a whole. The company has a huge collection of games it has developed since its incorporation. Novomatic also has a valuation running into billions of Euros. In 2010, the Novo Unity II multiplayer platform by Novomatic was awarded as the ‘Best Table Game Product or Innovation’. They have also won an award as Austria’s most dynamic company in the category “Big Player”. All of this makes Novomatic games worth checking out.