Greentube – Casino Game Provider

Are you a gambler? Do you have a problem when finding a bookmaker which provides you with multiple ways to place bets? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions is merely a dedicated global interactive Novomatic unit, which develops and supply multi-focused online gaming solutions to their clients. They are diversified to bring both entertainment and real money gaming options. They have achieved a lot, thanks to their flawless software solutions developed by the competent workforce. Their software can run in multiple devices without the need to change the gameplay.

Company History

Most people think the Novomatic Group founded Greentube. However, their history dates back to 1998 when they first appeared in the market. They were recognised by very few that time, but after launching a 3D sports game Ski Challenge, they took the market by storm. The game was described by many as a state of the art invention. They continued developing other games, gaining popularity in Europe. In 2000, they changed the name to Greentube Internet Entertainment as they continued to reign in the industry. It was in 2010 when they became a member of Novomatic Group, and the rest is history.

Casino Games

To date, Greentube has become a leading provider of gaming solutions in the market. They have different casino games categorised into social and online casinos. All of their full range of table games and online slots have the NOVOMATIC label. The casinos are designed with eye-catching graphics and attractive themes and also have the integrated soundtracks aimed at entertaining players. In all the games, you are guaranteed to get the progressive jackpot, hefty bonuses and low volatility rate. The RTP of the Greentube games here ranges from 94% to 96%, which is fairly good in favour of the players.

Mobile Casino Games

The trendiest part of gambling nowadays is playing casino games at the comfort of your house using your mobile phone. Greentube is in the market to ensure it utilises this situation. They have a variety of games of skills which can be installed to run on phones. The games are coupled with amazing features like eye catching graphics, attractive themes, high odds, reasonable wager requirements, upper maximum withdrawal limits and also able to play with your friends as far as you are connected online. All you need is to ensure that the game is compatible with your gadget, which isn’t hard, as Greentube is compatible with iOS and Android.

Greentube Review

Let’s review some of the facts that make Greentube one of the best choices in the gaming industry. They made sure that they entered the market with a product that would be liked by many. Their first 3D sports game Ski was named a state of the art product. They joined Novomatic group to increase their market share. Now, they are leading as the market-leading producer of casinos tailored for entertainment and making real money bets. Today, they have a large market in Spain, Romania, Italy and the United Kingdom. Their solutions can run on both online and mobile devices.