Amatic – Casino Game Provider

Amatic is a game and software developing company based in Austria. The company boasts of a very rich inventory of slots games, automated roulette, online gaming, cabinets, casino management system (COS) and Video lottery (VLT) solutions. Their casino management solution provides online casinos with an automated system for handling the logistics of the casino and also the business aspect automatically. The VLT is controlled by a server and can be used in multiple operation scenarios. Amatic also makes possible the connection of Roulette connected to cabinets for slots, this is handy if all seats are taken for roulette games, players can still play roulette on slot machines.

Company History

Amatic is an Austrian-based company but has expanded its operation across the globe. The game became officially incorporated in 1993. Amatic came into the game industry by first building slot machines with a new twist to design and features. The administration of Amatic believed there are better ways of doing the same thing. This is why Amatic has combined incorporating new ideas into games and gaming systems in order to set themselves apart. In 2010, after proper preparation, Amatic decided to take up the gauntlet and expand operations to the online gaming world and also started developing mobile-friendly games.

Casino Games

Amatic Industries as it is officially referred to, has a number of casino games added to its profile. Amatic offer three types of casino games, which are table games, poker, and slots. Its games are built with simple designs and a modern day theme. Compared to top game providers, Amatic game graphics could use more improvement. The games are built in HTML5, which is the current standard for building software. Currently, the Return to Player (RTP) for Amatic games is still unknown. Most of its games can be played on top casinos although in most cases are not in top ranks in those casinos.

Mobile Casino Games

As the world began to be conscious of gadgets, so did the dependence on these gadgets increase. This trend also seeped into the gaming world, where players were seeking easier ways to play casino games without having to walk into a physical casino, this led to the rise of online casinos. Amatic in 2010, presented its first mobile casino game application “Billy’s Gang”, but was only available on iTunes. Players were required to buy the app but cannot bet real money on it. Over time Amatic improved the games and developed more games exactly replicating the physical casino games. Currently, Amatic games are compatible with most mobile device platforms.

Amatic Review

Amatic Industries has years of experience in keeping gamers happy with the best casino games and are not slowing down anytime soon. They provide casino gaming solutions like VLT and COS for small and large-scale casinos. The company is always looking to expand their reach by partnering with other gaming companies. Amatic was awarded “Most Stylish Gaming Machine” in Ireland the jury of the Irish Gaming Show. This was given based on one of its products “Performer Grand Arc”. Few weeks after that, Amatic was honoured with the ‘Best International Manufacturer of the Year” award at the Romexpo Exhibition Center in Romania.