Curacao eGaming – Online Casino License

If you are looking for a reputable eGaming company, then you are in the right place. Curacao is one of the most politically stable eGaming license providers in the market today. They have been operating since 1996. They have data centres and different eGaming licenses IP compliance services at various strategic locations around the world.

Regulations and Rules

Their services are tailored to help eGaming providers and operators to overcome challenges associated with business, geographical, and multi-jurisdictions. All their private IP compliance service-locations are equipped with a full range of custom dedicated servers, cloud storage, GEO IP services, private cloud servers, and competitive bandwidth rates. They also have authorised licensed Fiduciary Services Providers who enables them to provide global corporate functions such as daily management of the company.

Registration Process

Curacao is one of the most cost-effective solutions if you are looking to establish an eGaming company. Applying for a Curacao license is very easy and straightforward. The maximum it will take to get your license is four weeks from the day you applied. For you to get the license, you will incur only two expenses.

First, you have to pay the advisory fee, which is determined by how big or complex your organisation is. The other expense is the license fee, which is influenced by the size of the clients’ personal resources. The fee changes depending on additional services, so you may request a proposal directly from their website. The tax law of Curacao is also favourable, with an annual fee that is lower than other jurisdictions in the market.

Types of Casino Licenses

There are only two types of gaming licenses given by Curacao. They differ between the type of organisation and the mode of operation. These include master and sub-license. A company that is granted the master license can start issuing sub-licenses to other companies after it has established itself and also after showing due diligence.

The companies with a sub-license can only operate under the master license and they can’t grant licenses to other companies. It is the duty of the company holding the master license to control all the activities of the companies, to which they have granted sub-licenses. Master holders should know the list of all restricted jurisdictions where sub holders cannot operate. It is the duty of sublicense holders to adhere to gaming rules, or else their license is revoked.

Responsible Gambling Online

All the companies that are granted a license to operate casinos must adhere to responsible gaming. For example, for you to access any Curacao gambling site online, you must be at least 18 years old. To make sure that this rule is followed, all the sites are required to prompt the applicants to upload different identification documents and also prove that they live in the areas which are authorised.

In case they are unable to issue the proof, the account will be terminated at that point. If you are wagering in a Curacao licensed site, you are entitled to pay tax. The tax will depend on the country of operation. However, not all the countries which levy the tax on gambling sites. The above ways contribute to a responsible gambling.