Non Gamstop Return to Player (RTP) Explained

If you are an online gambler for non Gamstop casino games, then you have come across the “Return to Player (RTP)” term. RTP tells you of how high games payout percentage turns out to be, that is any money that will be given back to players from slot machines over time. It’s mostly expressed in terms of percentages, and the higher it is the more chances of winning over a longer period. Still, on that, you should be aware that every slot contains its own RTP as it is for all other online casinos based on the total average value of return to player percentages for all games found in their platforms.

Players should keep in mind that Return to Player is a theoretical statistical calculation which should not, in any way, be taken literally. This is because there will always be huge wins such as jackpots and also huge losses so the number will definitely not apply in this case. Otherwise, the return to a player will indicate the game in question or the average estimation. Among many other reasons, RTP is one of the main factors which many casino players put more focus on when choosing an online casino not on Gamstop to hit the slots. Most people betting online will definitely go for the high RTPs.

How RTP can vary in different casinos

Often players wonder if there is a correlation between RTP and Win Frequency. It is good to note that RTPs at times can be misleading, and this is because the RTP does not tell you how frequent you can expect to win. For instance, an online slot with an RTP of 96% will probably have a winning chance of ten spins average on a low frequency of payouts, while on the other hand, an RTP of 96% could have one win in every three spins on average. In short, slots with lower win frequencies pay out bigger sums once in a while as compared to slots with higher win frequencies.

While trying to comprehend casino game statistics, it’s important to note that these figures are based on hundreds of events. The significant bit is that they are governed by random number generators, thus, making them subject to chance. The outcome is always arbitrary and unbiased. A great online casino myth is when you hear people saying that an online slot pays out at regular intervals. Note that every single spin is totally independent and the chances of winning are exactly the same each time you play the game, even if you had hit a jackpot you could hit it again moments later in the next spin and vice versa applies.

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