Mobile Casino UK – Best Android & iPhone Casino 2019

This generation of mobile phones are basically computers that fit in your pocket and go everywhere you go. You have a window to the world with this device, and now game developers have made it possible for you to have access to the best games of your choice on the go.

The best gaming experience can only be had if you understand the mobile casinos in sufficient depth. This simple mobile casinos guide highlights some of the important aspects that players should understand before they start.

Best Android & iPhone Casino UK

There are two main ways through which gamers can access their favourite online casino games through their mobile phones. The first option is casino apps, and the second one is instaplay on browsers, which is just like playing through a computer.

The differences between the two options go way beyond the presentation. There are serious issues that players need to be aware of here. A safe way to start playing is by finding a new no deposit casino uk right here on Casinowizard.

Using Casino Apps when Playing

Apps were the primary way through which games were first accessible for mobile phone players. There are two major operating systems for apps in the mobile phone business, Apple – iOS – and Android. Apple has been more open to gambling apps than Google, and for that reason, most of the casino gaming apps were developed for iOS rather than Android.

In response to the growing demand, Google relented and allowed apps to be created and published for Android. Many of these apps are available only through the casino website, rather than the Google Playstore, because of Google’s regulations. Any good casino site offering an Android app will provide detailed instructions on how to download it. Apps are convenient to use, and they are also easy to integrate with payment and withdrawal options. Apps can also be personalised, they give you access to thousands of games, and they tend to use less data.

However, there is a steep cost to using apps, the cost of privacy. Apps can be very intrusive; they want to access your contacts, gallery, and even microphone and camera. The only reason why apps would want to do that is data collection. Data is the new oil, and there is a rush by developers to gain as much data as they can within different industries.

Apps vs Direct Play on Mobile Casino

The data collected is used to make for a better gaming experience, but there is a chance that it can be used to form the personality map of a user, which is then used to upsell that user other related on unrelated products. When you begin seeing adverts on products that you recently checked out someplace else in your Facebook or Google feed know that your apps are telling on you.

Not all gaming apps collect data but there is a chance that your data will be logged and studied. Apps can also display a lot of distracting notifications. Another downside is that most mobile casino apps do not provide access to the full range of casino games available on the website.

Mobile Casino Options

Instaplay refers to the ability to play a game through the mobile phone browser, just like one would on a personal computer. The newest mobile browsers – Chrome and Safari are the main ones, but others exist, such as Firefox – use technology that allows casino games to be played with ease. Many uk casino bonuses are also available in the phone.

That means you do not have to download any app, and it also means that you have considerable control over your data. Instaplay makes it possible for gamers to switch between different casinos because it only takes a change in tabs to do that. Additionally, browsers allow access to games and casinos for which apps are yet to be built.

The disadvantage with instaplay is that the quality of game play might not be as good as that in the app. Additionally, the browser might not support some games at all. One also needs to keep remembering URLs and passwords when using browsers, because of the need to keep signing in. However, newer casinos are building their platforms with mobile platforms in mind, so instaplay users can reasonably expect gameplay to equal that of the PC experience.

Mobile Devices to Play Online Casino

The smartphone you use has an impact on how your gameplay will be. Luckily, with the optimization of technology, it is more than likely that the device you are using right now supports HTML 5 based browsers, and that is all you really need.

A good phone in the price range of between €200 and €400 should provide you with an excellent gaming experience. However, expect that your battery to drain quicker than usual, as keeping the screen on is the biggest drain on battery life for mobile devices. It also doesn’t really matter whether your device is Android or iOS; with the instaplay option you only need a good internet connection.

Wi-Fi vs Carrier Data when Playing Casino

Wi-Fi is strongly recommended when gaming, but only if it is a safe and secure connection. When on a data bundle, you are paying a lot for the gaming experience. With some data bundle restrictions, there are certain games that will be inaccessible. Games that are heavy on graphics and high definition sound will not be ideal for bundled gaming.

When using Wi-Fi, only play on safe connections – do not use free Wi-Fi at the public library, for example. You can never be sure that there isn’t at least one hacker snooping on that connection, hoping to steal data or logins. You are better off postponing your gaming than risking your privacy and security online.

Productivity and Mobile Casinos

The one weakness that gaming online has is that it potentially affects productivity. Online gaming can be a habit that not only costs money but also time. One needs to be careful when indulging. Having access to mobile casino sites can only compound this problem. While you can leave your laptop shut as you commute, you always have your phone on you.

That means if you have a habit on your phone, there are always many opportunities that force you to feed that habit. Online gaming becomes even more distracting when you have the apps, as they will send you reminders to keep you playing. If you want to play casino games on your mobile, then you need to be aware that self-discipline is key.

The Future of Mobile Casino

The future of online gaming is the mobile phone. You can expect that variety will continue to be added, and older games will receive updates that make them lighter and easier to play on mobile. The great news for people who love gaming on the go is that companies are investing heavily in research and development for technology aimed at improving the mobile gaming experience. This also means that companies will want to try and move gaming away from PCs and more to the mobile phone.

Trends indicate that search engines, including market-leaders Google, reward websites that have mobile compatibility with higher ranking. Considering that ranking is the online holy grail, it follows that companies would want to reward those coming to them via mobile. Mobile casino users should look out for special mobile-only promotions such as bonuses and free spins.