Gamification at Casinos not connected to Gamstop

Gamification is a concept that is comprised of two parts: activities and rewards. Whilst this concept is nothing new at traditional casinos, it has become an important strategy that allows online casinos to better attract, engage with and retain players.

The basic premise of gamification is to take an activity such as a slot game and create lots of engaging game elements within that activity. At you can find all the best non Gamstop casinos with gamification in UK. The objective is to produce more reward opportunities within the game for the player, which for the online casino translates to more times the game is played and ultimately, the more bets placed by the player.

Online casinos not connected to Gamstop use gamification in multiple ways to enhance player happenings across the whole online experience. This includes elements from inside the games themselves to new ways of engaging with players across the casino’s website. Loyalty and bonus schemes have proven successful tools in helping to ensure that people keep on coming back to the site, similar to the use of loyalty cards in retailers to drive consumer behaviour. This concept works well with online casinos, the more rewards or loyalty points offered to players, the more motivated they are to keep returning to the online casino site and less likely to go to a competitor’s site.

How can players benefit?

But how do players benefit from gamification? Is it only a one-sided sneaky strategy to maximise online casino profits? Or does the concept truly enhance the player experience? The fact is that players enjoy the added features and efforts made by incorporating reward opportunities in-game and they seem to benefit in a rather unexpected way for an online activity: the additional interaction with other players. Online gaming has now provided a platform whereby people from across the globe can interact and compete with one another from the comforts of their home. A side-effect of the additional interaction with fellow gamers is site loyalty.

This aspect of gamification generates a sense of online community in players. This community may grow as players are incentivised to refer their friends to the site, earning those rewards and recognition whilst increasing the number of the player base for the casino. An additional method of enhancing a sense of community is by organising gaming tournaments amongst players and posting result scores on leaderboards, further driving competitiveness through playing on the human psyche. Players want to improve, be recognized, and understand their skill level in a game but above all, they mostly want to win and will keep on chasing this goal until they do.

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