Slot Machines Online 2019 – UK Slot Machines from NetEnt & Others

An easy and diverting way to increase those casino winnings is to play online slots. Slots have always been a staple of the gambling world long before it went online, as anyone who’s been to Vegas or even watched a movie will know well.

When the gaming world did eventually go online, slot-type games maintained their star status, becoming one of the most played online games due to their simple playability. This guide will show that we really are the wizards of casino.

Slots Through Time – The History of a Popular Game

Way back in 1895, the first slot machine came to life, and since then game designers have never looked back. The game was made up of three reels, each with the same set of images printed on the reel.

Whenever a player wanted to try his luck, he would pull the lever installed at the side of the machine, and if three of the pictures on the reels lined up, the player would win the 50-cent grand prize. Thankfully, today’s slots winnings have increased dramatically, but the idea on which today’s best online slots are based is still the same as that original game.

It wasn’t almost until a century later, in the 1980’s, that the one-armed bandits of old were replaced with completely electro-mechanical games. Originally, the pictures on the reels were related to cards, but with time, they changed to include a variety of pictures, including fruit, from which the British moniker fruit machines came. Today, online slots come designed in such a variety of themes that any player can find the perfect machine to suit their tastes. 

Bigger and Better Slots Winnings Online

Today, online slots are so popular that most gaming sites have sizable chunks of their portals dedicated to slot-type games. For players who are after big winnings, slots can be linked together in so-called progressive jackpot games, where the prize pool increases as more players participate until someone hits the top prize, and the fund re-sets.

On the other end of the scale, for those who are playing purely for fun and don’t expect a big win – although is still perfectly possible – is that many online slots have a tiny minimum coin value, so you can play for hours without taking any big risks. 

Slots – A Game of Chance?

Online slots, nowadays played in the comfort of our own homes, still work using that 1895 logic. The first slot machines had three reels where 3 images had to line up for a player to win, however today some online slots have up to 5 reels where the images have to match.

You might think this might make the game harder to win, but 5 reels does not mean an increased probability of losing, but quite the opposite. Many of the best online slots are themed and incorporate rules into the slots based on the theme, and for example award players with free rolls and extra bonus games.

Sometimes the slot winnings don’t depend on the pictures lining up in a straight line, but on a number of ways in which the pictures can line up. These are called multiline slots and may have up to 243 combinations which can result in million-dollar slot winnings.

As a result of the popularity, playability and profitability of online slots, whole sites have been dedicated to slots and online casino games developers continue to create new variations of the loved game. Slots are such a popular draw that many online casinos offer free spins on the slots as part of the welcome bonus, and bonus codes for free spins can be found online.

Online Slots Machine Tournaments

For some people, slots may not appeal because they are lacking a competitive aspect. However, there are now a number of slots tournaments players can take part in and potentially win big, and normally for a very small buy-in. There are two main types of tournaments solely focused on online slots.

Tournaments which have a programmed start are referred to as Scheduled Tournaments, whereas tournaments which do not have a start time are called Sit and Go Tournaments. The latter type only requires a specified number of people, and once this amount of people has registered, the tournament can begin.

Tournaments are different to playing solo online slots in a couple of ways. Firstly, once players have paid the buy-in fee, all of them begin with tokens in what is called a Coin Box. Every time a player spins the reels, virtual coins are taken from this Coin Box.

Every time the reels stop on a winning combination, the slots winnings are deposited into what is known as a Win Box. Slots competitions are a fun and exciting way to add that edge of competition to the game. So, if as a player you are looking for low risk, and potentially big slots winnings, head on over to an online slots site and try your luck.